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Akonadi::Fetch Class Reference
[Command handlers]

#include <fetch.h>

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Detailed Description

Handler for the fetch command.

Definition at line 39 of file fetch.h.


void connectionStateChange (ConnectionState state)
void responseAvailable (const Response &response)

Public Member Functions

AkonadiConnectionconnection ()
bool failureResponse (const char *failureMessage)
bool failureResponse (const QByteArray &failureMessage)
bool failureResponse (const QString &failureMessage)
bool handleLine (const QByteArray &line)
void setConnection (AkonadiConnection *connection)
void setTag (const QByteArray &tag)
bool successResponse (const char *successMessage)
QByteArray tag () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandAlwaysAllowed (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandAuthenticated (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandNonAuthenticated (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandSelected (const QByteArray &line)

Protected Member Functions

void imapSetToQuery (const ImapSet &set, bool isUid, QueryBuilder &qb)

Private Member Functions

void buildItemQuery ()
QueryBuilder buildPartQuery (const QStringList &partList, bool allPayload, bool allAttrs)
void parseCommand (const QByteArray &line)
void retrieveMissingPayloads (const QStringList &payloadList)
void triggerOnDemandFetch ()
void updateItemAccessTime ()

Private Attributes

bool mAllAttrs
bool mCacheOnly
bool mFullPayload
bool mIsUidFetch
QueryBuilder mItemQuery
QList< QByteArray > mRequestedParts
ImapSet mSet

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