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Akonadi::AkList Class Reference
[Command handlers]

#include <aklist.h>

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Detailed Description

Handler for the X-AKLIST command.

This command is used to get a (limited) listing of the available collections. It is different from the LIST command and is more similar to FETCH.



  request = tag " " command " " collection-id " " depth " (" filter-list ")"
  command = "X-AKLIST" | "X-AKLSUB"
  depth = number | "INF"
  filter-list = *(filter-key " " filter-value)
  filter-key = "RESOURCE"

X-AKLIST will include all known collections, X-AKLSUB only those that are subscribed or contains subscribed collections (cf. RFC 3591, LIST vs. LSUB).

depths chooses between recursive (INF), flat (1) and local (0, ie. just the base collection) listing, 0 indicates the root collection. The filter-list is used to restrict the listing to collection of a specific resource.


  response = "*" collection-id " " parent-id " ("attribute-list")"
  attribute-list = *(attribute-identifier " " attribute-value)
  attribute-identifier = "NAME" | "MIMETYPE" | "REMOTEID" | "RESOURCE" | custom-attr-identifier

The name is encoded as an quoted UTF-8 string. There is no order defined for the single responses.

Definition at line 66 of file aklist.h.


void connectionStateChange (ConnectionState state)
void responseAvailable (const Response &response)

Public Member Functions

AkonadiConnectionconnection ()
bool failureResponse (const char *failureMessage)
bool failureResponse (const QByteArray &failureMessage)
bool failureResponse (const QString &failureMessage)
virtual bool handleLine (const QByteArray &line)
void setConnection (AkonadiConnection *connection)
void setTag (const QByteArray &tag)
bool successResponse (const char *successMessage)
QByteArray tag () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandAlwaysAllowed (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandAuthenticated (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandNonAuthenticated (const QByteArray &line)
static HandlerfindHandlerForCommandSelected (const QByteArray &line)

Protected Member Functions

void imapSetToQuery (const ImapSet &set, bool isUid, QueryBuilder &qb)

Private Member Functions

bool listCollection (const Location &root, int depth)

Private Attributes

bool mOnlySubscribed
Resource mResource

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