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QString AgentManager::configPath ( bool  writeable  )  [static]

Returns the path of the config file.

Definition at line 369 of file agentmanager.cpp.

References Akonadi::XdgBaseDirs::findResourceFile(), and Akonadi::XdgBaseDirs::saveDir().

Referenced by load(), and save().

  const QString configFile =
    Akonadi::XdgBaseDirs::findResourceFile( "config", QLatin1String( "akonadi/agentsrc" ) );

  if ( !writeable && !configFile.isEmpty() )
    return configFile;

  const QString configDir = Akonadi::XdgBaseDirs::saveDir( "config", "akonadi" );

  return configDir + QLatin1String( "/agentsrc" );

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