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AgentManager Class Reference

#include <agentmanager.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The agent manager has knowledge about all available agents (it scans for .desktop files in the agent directory) and the available configured instances.

Definition at line 42 of file agentmanager.h.

Public Slots

QStringList agentCapabilities (const QString &identifier) const
QString agentComment (const QString &identifier) const
QString agentIcon (const QString &identifier) const
void agentInstanceConfigure (const QString &identifier, qlonglong windowId)
QString agentInstanceName (const QString &identifier) const
bool agentInstanceOnline (const QString &identifier)
uint agentInstanceProgress (const QString &identifier) const
QString agentInstanceProgressMessage (const QString &identifier) const
QStringList agentInstances () const
int agentInstanceStatus (const QString &identifier) const
QString agentInstanceStatusMessage (const QString &identifier) const
void agentInstanceSynchronize (const QString &identifier)
void agentInstanceSynchronizeCollection (const QString &identifier, qint64 collection)
void agentInstanceSynchronizeCollectionTree (const QString &identifier)
QString agentInstanceType (const QString &identifier)
QStringList agentMimeTypes (const QString &identifier) const
QString agentName (const QString &identifier) const
QStringList agentTypes () const
QString createAgentInstance (const QString &identifier)
void removeAgentInstance (const QString &identifier)
void setAgentInstanceName (const QString &identifier, const QString &name)
void setAgentInstanceOnline (const QString &identifier, bool state)


void agentInstanceAdded (const QString &agentIdentifier)
void agentInstanceError (const QString &agentIdentifier, const QString &message)
void agentInstanceNameChanged (const QString &agentIdentifier, const QString &name)
void agentInstanceProgressChanged (const QString &agentIdentifier, uint progress, const QString &message)
void agentInstanceRemoved (const QString &agentIdentifier)
void agentInstanceStatusChanged (const QString &agentIdentifier, int status, const QString &message)
void agentInstanceWarning (const QString &agentIdentifier, const QString &message)
void agentTypeAdded (const QString &agentType)
void agentTypeRemoved (const QString &agentType)

Public Member Functions

 AgentManager (QObject *parent=0)
void cleanup ()
org::freedesktop::Akonadi::Tracer * tracer () const
 ~AgentManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString configPath (bool writeable)

Private Slots

void error (const QString &message)
void percent (int progress)
void resourceNameChanged (const QString &)
void serviceOwnerChanged (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &)
void status (int status, const QString &message)
void updatePluginInfos ()
void warning (const QString &message)

Private Member Functions

bool checkAgentExists (const QString &identifier) const
bool checkAgentInterfaces (const QString &identifier, const QString &method) const
bool checkInstance (const QString &identifier) const
bool checkResourceInterface (const QString &identifier, const QString &method) const
void continueStartup ()
void ensureAutoStart (const AgentInfo &info)
void load ()
void readPluginInfos (const QDir &directory)
void readPluginInfos ()
void save ()

Static Private Member Functions

static QStringList pluginInfoPathList ()

Private Attributes

QHash< QString, AgentInstanceInfo > mAgentInstances
QHash< QString, AgentInfo > mAgents
org::freedesktop::Akonadi::Tracer * mTracer

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